CGW Magazine – Quote


Came across a great quote in Computer Graphics World magazine. This month’s issue is a VES Awards Prelude and was covering the work that has been nominated for awards. My current work isn’t in the entertainment industry, but the tools, techniques and workflow my colleagues and I use fall under the VFX umbrella. It is pretty incredible what we are capable of creating.

“Of all the craft areas in moviemaking, the VFX branch can boast the smartest and most highly educated practitioners, the most advanced technologies being applied, and the largest impart on the economics of storytelling in the digital age…”
– Bob Coleman, Owner, Digital Artists Agency


Future of VFX Industry – AWN

I listen to a recording regarding the future of the VFX industry, given by Industry giant Scott Ross, co-founder and former CEO of Digital Domain, at FMX2011. It was broken up into 5 parts and can be found here: The Future of the VFX Industry

Interesting to hear about where the industry has been and where its going. It was encouraging to hear him speak about how the top 20 all time movie blockbusters have been driven by content creators and not famous actors.

There was also a great quote mentioned about how art and business co-exist:

“The art is is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work”  – Oscar Wilde